Origin of Regency

Although a strong background in traditional hard skills like writing, mathematics, and science will always have its place in academic and career worlds, an increasing number of employers desire prospective employees with soft skills. Today’s students will have many new jobs over the course of their lives, with associated pressures and the need for flexibility. These skills aren't something that can be learned through our academic course and that's where we started. Mavericks aims to assist students all over India attain these skills and grow them.

Why are we here?

Education was once only for those who could afford it. But that changed with the industrial revolution and education became a necessity for the masses. Jobs were awarded to the skilled workforce, and hence equipping individuals with skills became a booming business.
Now, over a hundred years after the commercialization of the education sector, we find ourselves in an environment where the skills required in an industry are changing more rapidly than ever. While, the education sector is falling behind. We are failing at the primary objective of equipping people with skills needed to distinguish themselves. Education is now an ocean of information, and our systems are overloading with data. It’s time to restructure, re-code and re-wire our thinking.
What do we need to bridge these gaps? How do we teach our students the skills to implement the knowledge acquired in an academic curriculum, in real-world scenarios? This is where Mavericks India steps in, armed with innovation and style, to make a change.

This is who we are

After enduring through 21 years of “When will we need this in real life?” a few students pondered over what they could do to make a difference. Changing a mammoth as big as education seemed a herculean task, and so it was decided. We would connect the industry to institutions and build a bridge, one pebble at a time.
Mavericks India was born, originally as Your Talks in a single college, but with intentions and ambitions much larger. After trial and triumph, and with a firm belief in our founding principles, we have amassed the experience to begin our journey. Why don’t you join us?

This is what we do

To serve up additional knowledge to students who are already drowning in assignments would do no one any good. The trick is in plating it differently.
At a Mavericks workshop, things get interactive, fun and exciting. We believe true learning has much to do with curiosity, and endeavor to cater to this human thirst for understanding what we do not understand, and learning what was once unknown. Students bogged down with heavy textbooks get a chance to get their hands dirty. The workshops are coordinated by regencies comprising of student members, and we do this to make it as immersive an experience as possible.
We aspire to impart skill-sets much necessary to thrive in a corporate and intellectual environment. While the institutions toil towards creating professionals for our businesses, Mavericks sneaks in to imbibe a game-winning personality.

Our Clients

they love us

I have been thoroughly interviewed to become the Crew Captain of the IARE Regency- Mavericks. And it's been a pleasure to be working with Mavericks India. Mavericks has aided me in honing my knowledge about entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial skills that are required in today's world. It has provided me a platform to mould my skill-set by inculcating soft skills and social skills. The workshops that were conducted proved to be of great importance as it has affected the way I interact with people now.

Santosh Mohan Crew Captain (IARE Regency)

My journey with Mavericks has started a year ago. From a volunteer to crew member to Crew captain , this journey was not just about simple progress but about me evolving into a better person . Mavericks is not just a platform to develop your personality or improve your communication skills. It helped me to discover who I am today and in the process it has mould me into a better version of myself.We , as a family of Mavericks stand together to help individuals grow.

Bhuvana Crew Captain (BVRIT Regency)

I joined the community as an average kid. I was passionately curious but always carried a level of confidence that made many things I love slip right through my hands.
Everyday, since my first day, in YourTalks has been an absolute pleasure of an experience. I got to enjoy while i was able to constantly build myself in ways that were once unimaginable to me. I was privileged enough to have served as the crew captain, with an amazing crew, that further gave a boost to my confidence and nurtured the aquired skills.

Vamsi Former Crew Captain (BVRIT Regency)