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We are always looking for passionate people to join our team and contribute to our mission. We have high bar for anyone joining our team, but once you have crossed that bar, the world on the other side is full of deep learning, freedom, fun and excitement. If you are excited with what we are doing & want to join us, just send us an email on briefly describing your skills and we would be happy to catch up for a cup of coffee.

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As we continue down this road, we would like to make like-minded friends and help each other grow. Visit our website or any other social media platform to get in touch with us, and we will meet up to discuss big ideas over coffee, chai, or your favorite cold brew.

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We love hearing about exciting new ideas. Your messages will be confidentially sent to the Mavericks Founder, Jai Chender. It'll be placed to the top of the stack and he'll respond to you today.

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