Hey, We are


Mavericks which was known as Your Talks, was founded by Mr. Jai Chender on January 25, 2017. It started as a thought, a small group of students had to help other students achieve their goals. To help them understand the importance of communication and personality development. We started out in a college where we worked relentlessly to make a difference among everyone. We have big dreams for us and this is our little superhero origin. A team of a different-minded set of individuals who all strive collectively towards one aim, that is to train and refine individuals with a dynamic attitude who will go on to become the game changers.

We Are

Professionals with Personality.

Our Mission

To make individuals be equipped with a professional attitude and immense work ethic in order to make better professionals by bridging the gap between students and personality development activities.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence through practice in imparting skills of expression of one's thought and working with individuals to develop a society of professionals in true sense.